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Fastener-Type Steel Pipe Scaffold Fittings

Qingdao Wuxiao | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

            1, Steel pipe: scaffold steel pipe should be used outside the 48mm, wall thickness of 3.5mm welded steel pipe, can also be used in the external diameter 51mm, wall thickness 3.1mm of welded steel pipe. The maximum length of steel pipe used for transverse horizontal bar should not be greater than 2m; the other rods should not be greater than 6.5m, the maximum quality of each steel pipe should not exceed 25kg, in order to be suitable for manual handling.Steel Pipe

            2, Fastener: fastener-type steel pipe scaffold should be forged cast iron fastener, its basic form has three kinds: for vertical cross bar connection between the right angle fastener, used for parallel or oblique cross bar connection between the rotating fastener and for the rod butt connection of the butt fastener.Steel Pipe

            3, foot hand: the foot can be made of steel, wood, bamboo and other materials, each piece of quality should not be greater than 30kg. Stamping steel foot is commonly used in the hands of a hand, generally with a thick 2mm of steel plate suppressed, length 2-4m, width of 250mm, the surface should be non-slip measures. Wooden feet can use thickness of not less than 50mm of cedar wood or pine production, length 3~4m, Width 200-250mm, both ends should be galvanized steel wire hoop to prevent the end of the wooden foot damage.

            4, the wall piece: The wall piece will be connected with the main structure, can use the steel pipe, the fastener or the embedded piece to form the rigid connecting wall piece, may also use the steel bar as the flexible connecting wall piece.Steel Pipe

            Fastener-Type steel pipe scaffold is mainly composed of steel pipe and fastener. Steel pipe is generally used outside the 48mm, wall thickness of 3.5mm welded steel pipe, or external diameter 51mm, wall thickness 3-4mm seamless steel pipe; The fastener includes a right angle, a swivel and a butt fastener. The whole scaffold system is made up of steel foot (bamboo foot hand), small bar, big cross, upright pole and scissors brace, pull knot piece and the fastener connecting them.Steel Pipe

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